Black Soap


Refreshes and nourishes skin, eliminates body odour, rosacea and relieves oily skin.


Refreshes and nourishes skin. Eliminates body odour, relieves oil skin, acne, skin/ scalp/feet irritations and rashes. Ingredients include plantain skin, cocoa pod, palm oil, and palm kernel. No fragrance is added. Mix a little soap with water and rub between hands or onto a washcloth to create a soft lather.

Additional information

Vitamin A

Heals eczema, dermatitis, nourishes dry skin, dry scalp treatment, chapped lips, cracked heels and razor bumps.

Vitamin E

Anti-aging agent, anti-free radical agent, increases micro circulation, skin regeneration, evens skin tone, reduces scarring and stretch marks, minimizes wrinkles and blemishes.


Maintains healthy cells, hair and nails, helps transport oxygen throughout the body.


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