Empire Face Cream

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Versatile moisturizer with powerful healing properties. Rich in vitamins A, E , and K

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100% Palm Butter, additive-free moisturizing cream for face and hands.

Promotes healing

Product is heat sensitive

We harvest our own palm to ensure that our products are made sustainably, without contributing to any deforestation or habitat destruction.

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Vitamin A

Heals eczema, dermatitis, nourishes dry skin, dry scalp treatment, chapped lips, cracked heels and razor bumps.

Vitamin E

Anti-aging agent, anti-free radical agent, increases micro circulation, skin regeneration, evens skin tone, reduces scarring and stretch marks, minimizes wrinkles and blemishes.

Vitamin K

Helps minimize scars, fade stretch marks and reduce the spider veins, for healthy, youthful-looking skin

1 review for Empire Face Cream

  1. Crina Isacof

    If I could rate this face cream more than 5 starts I would! It literally changed my face! In good! I have spent so much money on cosmetic products in the past couple of years it’s not even funny. None of them really helped me with my acne prone skin problems. None! I said I wanna go fully natural on my face this time. No more overpriced products that promise the moon and not give you even a star back ! 3 months ago I started to use 3 products from this amazing store: the black soap, the empire face cream and the shea butter. I. I honestly absolutely love them! Are the only products I use for my face right now! Fine lines,puffiness, white heads, pimples, blemishes, uneven skin texture, large pores, oiliness, all gone. I admit I still get very small breakouts during my menstrual cycle, but nothing compared with what I had before which was consistent.😱

    What I love about these 3 products:
    1. The soap❤️ I heard so many good things about black African soap but I never tried it till now. What I love most about this one is that doesn’t leave my skin dry. At all! The texture is so creamy , the skin just sucks it on and after rinsing my face and dry it, my skin feel so smooth, clean, radiant. I use this 2 a day.
    2. Empire face cream ❤️ I absolutely love the fact that I can actually enjoy a pure natural product for my face. This cream is SO UNDERRATED, seriously. Every woman that is looking for her face to look good, young, radiant, natural glow, should try this. Does wonders for all the skin issues I related above and not only , because it’s natural! Too bad it comes in a small jar but good thing is it lasts me a month each jar and I use it 2 a day.
    3. The Shea butter- 😱 to be honest I was kinda skeptical about this one and I m going to tell you why. Prior trying this one couple of years back I tried a pure Shea butter my friend brought me from Jordan. Texture wise it looked nothing this like this one(this one is creamy) and color wise either.( this one is yellow) . Texture on the one I tried prior was hard and the color was a pale beige. Worked nice for my eyes for a while, but my face didn’t accept it. This one from the Shea butter man, my face LOOVES it. Honestly I put it on my breakouts directly and second day they are dry! Can you believe that? Works wonders !

    Please take in consideration that what I stated above is my personal experience after trying this products for 3 months. I can say that you don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars for overrated products when you can give a try to these ones which are super affordable and I am sure the results will blow your mind. Keep in mind: usually when testing new products you have to give them time to get friendly with your skin. As well I want to mention that good alimentation is important. Since February I stopped eating meat. Most of our skin issues are related with food even if sometimes we don’t want to believe that. “You are what you eat.”

    Thank you again Sir Thomas for letting me try these wonderful products at St Jacob’s Market. I will never be thankful enough 🙏🏼 Stay safe and I ll keep in touch for my next purchase.

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